Package updates

  • Update package minor versions: npm update
    • If playwright was updated, you may have to run npx playwright install to update playwright browser binaries and update the docker image used in the bitbucket pipeline for the e2e step.
    • Check if the application runs okay by running unit and integration tests as well as checking manually.
  • Update package major versions:
    • Manually look up the package on the internet to see if there is a new major version.
    • Check if the app is affected by breaking changes.
    • Install the new version by running npm install --save <package-name>@<new-version>.

When updating prettier, run formatting on all source files with npm run format and commit the changes.

Production node version

Update base image in Dockerfile. Make sure to test the node version in development first.


  • Keep documentation of third party issues up to date. It might be worth it to just recheck some issues from time to time, eg. to see if they were fixed by updates.


  • Update self hosted Bitbucket pipeline runner.